Thursday, January 17, 2008

gratuitous floor shots

Some of the colors and textures seen in our ferrous sulfate stained, acid stained, newly sealed floor.


Troy said...

WOW! That looks incredible. What a statement. I absolutely love your floors Scott. I know what you went through to get them and I’m telling you it was worth every scrubbing second. Great job!

Luke C said...

Great oranges! I love the warmth and passion of the colors!

Shooting Star Nursery - Christie and Scott Mackison said...

Thanks Troy & Luke.

Oddly, different parts of the house took the stains to varying degrees. The Master bedroom - seen in the photos - is quite different from the 2 other bedrooms, or from the living room / dining / kitchen wing. But they all have that warm, saturated caramel color.

One good thing - Ruby's hair will blend right in on the stained floor!