Wednesday, January 9, 2008

fighting with the elements...

The weather has been terrible for the past month. The whole construction site is a muddy swamp. Our friend Chad braved the the elements long enough to take this photograph with digital SLR camera. Exterior work has ground to a halt while we wait for a break in the weather. Inside we've commenced the annoying process of never ending sweep / mop cycles, with floor staining in between. At first blush, the Ferrous Sulfate seems too orange (ie, Ronald McDonald's hair orange) for our tastes. I'm hoping one or two more sweeps with the mop will tone things down a bit.

If you're wondering when the plaster is going to be applied to the interior of the house - we are too. Three plasterers are supposedly going to give us numbers this week. We hope to get going next week, once the floors have been covered up.

(More of Chad's photos can be seen at

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