Tuesday, January 15, 2008

floors and eave vents

The weather has turned for the better. Cedar siding work has resumed. The first photo shows how we are detailing the under side of the vented eave. The second shows Christie applying our water based concrete sealer. The color is a combination of ferrous sulfate (rust) and Mahogany colored acid stain.


Troy said...

Hey Scott,
Floors look like art work. Very nice! What do you and Christie think of them? The eaves look good too. The wood should be a nice contrast to the stucco.

Shooting Star Nursery - Christie and Scott Mackison said...

Thanks Troy.

People keep saying that the floors look 'interesting'. That makes me nervous.

Having said that, for about 20 cents per square foot the floor has a certain amount of warmth that I do really like. Right now I'm on about my 6th straight day of continuous floor scrubbing / mopping - so my feelings regarding the floor might be skewed somewhat.