Friday, August 24, 2007

roof lines...

Framers get an 'A' for effort this week. The roof framing is progressing nicely and the entry wing veranda framing has gotten underway.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

how high the moon

Moonlight through the clerestory window above our kitchen (soon to be) sink.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

contractor blues...

-Maybe it was the fact that the framers only worked 2 days last week. (And have never worked more than 3 1/2 days in any week. )
-Maybe it was the fact that they presented me with a change order (bill) for adding a window and two transom windows above doors (albeit the doors and wall were unframed when this change was made).
-Maybe it was their conveniently spotty memory when it came to considering the three windows I had removed from the plans - ones they had bid on - before framing even began. (If I make their job easier, their fee doesn't go down.)
-Maybe it was their declaration - on the heels of presenting me with the change order bill - that they were not going to be here framing on Friday (hence, the 2 day work week that started this list)

All these things cause me to loose sleep and pull out my hair in frustration. However, what I can't understand is how professionals can keep putting nails into our finished concrete floor. (3 nail holes so far, plus a small fracture from dropping a nail gun from the top of a ladder.) That the concrete is our finished floor is far from a secret. This has been a major issue from day one. The contractors response to my frustration - well, there aren't any dimensions on door. (See plan and photo showing the nailed down wall plate (with the opposite door directly in front of the nail!) Are these guys for real?

Meanwhile, we're in for a patch of rainy weather (on cue with the arrival of the straw bales.) I've got the bales covered with plastic while they wait to be stacked up as walls.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

enter strawbales...

With the grain harvest all done, our wheat straw bales began arriving yesterday. 650 bales in total. For now, we're stacking them in 4 piles around the job site that we can pull off of as we work.

However, before that can begin the framers need to finish the walls and frame the roof; the plumber needs to rough in the plumbing; the electrician needs to put in his wiring; and the framing needs to be inspected. All in that order.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

some progress

Our substitute framer has made some interior wall progress in our bedroom wing. Shown in the top photo is the bookshelf hallway that leads to the master bedroom. the second photograph shows that same wing from the courtyard, plus the Sono tubes we're setting up for the trellis post base footings.

'time out' for grapes

While our framer takes a little state sponsored 'time-out', we pose for pictures with our young grapes.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

more framing pictures

Wall framing continues. Door and window openings coming together. In picture 2, digging 14 holes with a mini-excavator for the courtyard trellis footings.