Tuesday, July 8, 2008

outside / inside

No A.C. here...just lots of insulation and wide, shading roof overhangs.


Anonymous said...

Wow, guys, very nice! Good job....nice to see passive solar working its magic!
how is parenthood?
I can't wait to meet her one day!
love and hugs,

Luke C said...

That's so impressive! I wish there was anything I could do to an NYC apartment to make it better insulated. It's so infuriating how wasteful apartments are, any ecological benefit that density brings is negated by the inefficiency of the insulation (is it called exsulation if it keeps heat out? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mel - keeping the sun out this time of year is the name of the game. We'll have to plant some trees to actually lower the outside temp as well.

Esme is great. She and Christie revel in no longer living in the fifth wheel.


Anonymous said...


I'd think when you divide the Orange Oasis building's total energy use by the number of residents, it's probably (hopefully) much lower (per resident) than living in the suburbs.
There are lots of 'green' multi-story lofts being built in Portland's Peril district. They're really sharp.