Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two pictures showing the finish plaster coat. Picture one shows a somewhat rustic niche in the spare bedroom. Picture two shows the bookshelf hallway - minus the actual book shelves. BUT, look closely and you will see an illuminated ceiling light at the top of the frame. That's new. There are also some switches and electrical outlets scattered about. Good times.


Troy said...

Absolutely stunning Scott! These photos are gorgeous! If I had to pick a favorite it might be the niche with the light streaming through the window and casting itself on the softly textured wall. Then, you topped it off with the plant with the beads…wow! I can’t stop looking at these photos. Ok, then I look at the bookshelf hallway. Maybe that’s my favorite too. I love the large beams at the ceiling. The thick walls look so warm and strong as they lead your eyes down the long hallway and lend to anticipation of what waits at the end. The beautiful stained floors add to the warmth while the texture of the walls and the old wooden beams make the area timeless. I can’t wait the arrival of the shelves lined with books as they will be the jewelry of the hallway. Congratulations, you have created some gorgeous artwork and you should be very proud.

Troy said...

Oh by the way, Acrylic high gloss floor wax works great on those floors. It will make the floors look deeper and richer and will give a layer of protection. Cheap stuff will work, but won't last as long. I've been using a product by rubbermaid. It's about $15/gal. Two coats with a sponge mop and you won't believe how different they will look. Make sure the floors are pretty clean, and allow to dry between coats. Just re-apply about once a month. We first thought it might make the floors slick, but they seem to be fine for us and guests. Troy

Shooting Star Nursery - Christie and Scott Mackison said...

Thanks for the kind words Troy. The floor has a satin clear finish coat. It's a green product with no solvents -- the downside is it's supposed to be more likely to wear down over time (vs. the high VOC stuff). So we we're definitely planning on applying the wax. Thanks for the recommendation!