Saturday, June 9, 2007

to sand or not to sand...

A quick stroll through the internet reveals how many different approaches to concrete slabs are out there. A lot of literature I've seen recommends a layer of sand on top of the 6 mil. vapor barrier. But I've seen some arguments against using sand at all. And a lot of pictures I've seen of this kind of house pad shows the rebar, the radiant tubing and the concrete going directly on top of either the a - undisturbed soil, b - gravel layer, or c - pink foamular insulation. I put the sand down if for no other reason than it holds the 4' x 8' foamular sheet / parasails down when the wind kicks up.

Meanwhile, waiting for the concrete crew to put the rebar in place...


Mel said...

NO sand!
It holds moisture in the concrete.....but being you are in such a dry may not matter!
this blog is so cool! I will keep up on it.
love you,

scott said...

Hi Mel,

The sand proved to be useful holding the insulation down. But by the time the sand was graded to height for a 6" slab, there was really only 1/2" to 3/4" sand anyway so I doubt it will have an impact either way.